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Eight top tips for choosing a great film shoot location

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Whether you are shooting a short film, a commercial, a scene for a TV series or need a location for a photo shoot, finding the perfect place can just be half the battle. Film shoots need resources, people, great facilities and a professional venue with a ‘can-do’ attitude. Finding a place that encompasses all of these qualities can be hard to find.

So what do you need to look for in a film shoot location? Here’s CEME Conference Centre’s eight top tips to choosing a great film location.

1) Make sure you go have a thorough look around your potential film shoot space before you book anything. Talk about any restrictions that may be in place around filming times or specific locations. The best venues will offer you a personal walk-round of all the available areas with a knowledgeable member of staff.

2) Find a venue that can multi-task. Can you use it for just one type of scene, or does it have potential to double up for more. Look for a venue that has range of different types of spaces, both indoor and outdoor, and don’t forget that venues with private service roads can be perfect for shooting street scenes too.

3) Find a venue that is experienced in dealing with film shoots. They understand the practicalities and logistics that go into filming and will be a lot more intuitive to your needs.

4) And talking of logistics… plenty of car parking space and room for equipment is a must. Your venue must have space not just for your shoot, but for all the people, equipment and services that come along with it.

5) Choosing a venue with great transport links can be invaluable. Whether it’s by plane, train or car, an easy to reach venue will make everyone’s lives a lot easier.

6) Take the stress out of keeping everyone fed and watered by choosing a venue with good on-site catering, with a range of dining and refreshment packages. Remember, not all venues will be open to you bringing in off-site caterers, so if this is what you plan to do, make sure your venue will allow this as an option.

7) Of course the facilities have to be good (and we are not just talking clean toilets here). Look for a venue with plenty of power points (inside and out), free WiFi and well lit areas. On-site security can be a welcoming addition, especially if you have to leave sets overnight.

8) Last but not least, hire a venue that has an in-house events team. These guys will not only know the venue like the back of their hand (very handy if you need specific lighting conditions etc), but its their job to make sure that everything you need from the venue is in place for you to have a successful shoot.


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