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Top ten tips for choosing a corporate entertainment venue

Corporate entertainment can be a tricky thing. Getting that balance right between business and pleasure depends on the venue, just as much as those you are entertaining. From a product launch, to big company anniversary or a Christmas do, the type of corporate entertainment space you require will vary dependent on your party plans and the number of guests you need to accommodate.

So when you are looking for the perfect place for that business event, what should you be looking for? Here’s CEME Conference Centre’s top 10 tips to choosing corporate entertainment space.

1) Find a venue with the full package. Somewhere that features quality event space, great facilities, on-site catering and its own events team will help take the stress out of arranging everything and be worth its weight in gold.

2) Talking of the event space… a venue with a wide range of different room sizes and types can be a real find when it comes to corporate entertainment.  Having that ‘go to’ venue where you can build a strong working relationship not only helps events go smoother, but you might be able to wangle a regular use discount too!

3) And all those spaces should be accessible, so that everyone can enjoy your event regardless of any physical abilities.

4) A venue with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic events team is also a must. A great team will invest as much effort into your event as you do, ensuring your event is smooth, slick and professional as can be.

5) Going for a venue with an amazing range of food and refreshment packages will save you time and hassle in the long run. That said, a venue which is also flexible enough to allow outside catering can be an excellent find too. Just remember to discuss any corkage charges etc.

6) Of course the facilities have to be good (and we are not just talking clean toilets here). Are the rooms well equipped? Is there someone to meet you on reception? What about onsite parking etc?

7) And talking of parking… location and transport also have to hit the top ten tips list. Can people get to your venue via public transport or car? Do they have lots of transport options? Is the venue easy to find? How will people get home at the end of the night if it’s an evening event?

8) If you need to do a presentation, speak to a large number of people or you are having entertainment, what is the venue’s Audio-Visual (AV) equipment like? Are you talking top of the range, or bottom of the heap? Will your venue help you look professional, or leave you in the lurch? Look out for venues with on-site AV technicians included in the venue hire price – they can be a godsend should a technical hitch occur.

9) Does your venue feature free WiFi for all your guests? Have you been offered those nice little extras such as free water, pads, pens, blotters, mints etc?

10) And finally, is the venue’s ethics and ethos compatible with your company? Do they care about people? Do they care about the environment? Are room bookings just about hitting targets and making money for them, or are they part of something bigger?


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