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Attracting & Retaining the right clients!

Complimentary Business Seminar on the 7th June at CEME with Guest speakers

Are you always looking for new clients?
Would you like to do more with existing clients?
Are you charging what your products/services are worth?
Are you working 24/7?
Do you feel in control of your business?
Do you want attractive profit margins?
Do you have enough quality time to enjoy yourself?
Do you want enjoyment and less stress?

Come and meet BLG Wealth and an array of Strategic Partners to provide you with complimentary information and an opportunity to mix with like minded individuals.

‘Supporting your business – today and tomorrow’

MEET: Paul Rowell – Head of Strategy & Laurence Lindley – Corporate Advisor

Laurence and Paul have over 40 years of combined experience advising business owners from start- ups through to growing a profitable sustainable company, how to most effectively invest their accumulating wealth and assisting with their exit strategy whenever that time occurs.

Paul Rowell is already involved with many businesses at CEME, helping and supporting them on a weekly basis. Thank to his dedication, we had successful and very profitable business decisions and and saw significant company growth at our tenants. We believe that Paul’s expertise will continue to help the businesses at CEME campus to grow and develop.

It is ideally a 12 month program where Paul and Laurance go through selected topics, like the above. They monitor the market and study what areas need more understanding from the business point of view, and these selected topics and seminars will help business owners to understand better what makes a business successful

Book a place now on the first of our complimentary “growing your business” presentations that over a 12 month period will offer expert advice for business owners on how to build a growing, profitable and sustainable business without working 24/7. All you need to invest is a little time.

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