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Changes at CEME

We have been upgraded and now located in a brand new Office!

Major changes are taking place at CEME Conference Centre from the 16th July, 2018.

After a long discussion between our CEO and Executive Directors, CEME has decided to give our conference team extra support an upgrade.

Paul Johnston, Operations Director has now taking over our Conference Centre Operations Team and joins them with his existing team. Ranjith Kumar, event manager and his team will be reporting to Mr Johnston from now on, leaving our Conference Centre Director and Sales and Marketing Manager focusing on sales.

Apart from Paul Johnston we also welcome Ian Mitchell, Facilities / H&S Manager who will now be working with us closely.

With this joined force with CEME Operations, we believe we will be able to deliver an even better service throughout the CEME Campus and Conference Centre, and also lift up the Conference Centre by bringing in new businesses in Quarter 3 and 4 of 2018. Eamonn Cole, Conference Centre director said during the announcement of the changes that ‘This change has my full support, as I believe that this is in the best interest of the Conference Centre which is an important department of CEME, and now I feel we will be able to achieve even more than what we used to’

We also have been given a brand new office, located on the ground floor in the main building, right next to our amazing IT team. Our office room number is 128, which is shared between Paul Johnston (Ops. Director), Eamonn Cole (Conf. Centre Director), Nicole Szucs (Sales and Marketing Manager) and Rajnith Kumar (Event Manager). Luckily we kept our extension and phone numbers, so customers can still reach us and none of the changes affected any part of the service.

We believe that we will be now an even more effective and high performing team, and it will strengthen the work relationship even more.


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