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Marius had left the team

We said goodbye to one of our best member.

On the 19th of July, Marius Claudiu (our fantastic Conference Assistant) completed his last day at CEME Conference Centre

Marius has been part of the team for years, and he was a great addition both professionally and personally to the Conference Centre.

Marius is originally moved to the UK in 2015 from Romania, to live and work here and support his son and wife back home. He is a proud and dedicated father, who gained international work-experience in the UK, so he can now pursue a better career back home.

Marius worked at various agencies before he got a temporary position at first at CEME. Seeing his dedication, positive attitude and commitment to the role, shortly he was offered a permanent role and became a part of the team

His famous morning greeting was ‘Good morning you, super-fantastic people’ which he always said with a smile, bringing a glimpse of joy in the office straight away

His closest colleague and friend, Darren Lee added; ‘He always had positive attitude, he was always smiling and he was always very helpful. We could call him on his day off and ask him to come in if we had an emergency and he would be here, and ready to work in an hour. You cannot find quality employee like this anywhere.’

His immediate colleagues used to call him ‘Super Mario’ for his ‘can do’ attitude. There was never ‘too much to ask’ of Marius, he was always there and happy to help anyone; colleague, customer or visitors.

Achieving Employee of the Year, Marius was a real asset in the team, and will be dully missed.

We wish him all the best in the future, and we are confident, that any employer will be delighted to have him

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