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We are saying goodbye to Argyri

We are saying good bye to Argyri, our Event Sales Coordinator

Sadly, our brilliant Event Sales Coordinator, Argyri Manglari has decided to leave Ceme and pursue a career at an American Pharmaceutical Company in central London.

Our last day with her will be on the 26th July.

Eamonn Cole added ‘ It is very sad to see such a high performing team member go, but we need to understand people’s career perspectives and support their development. I know that any employer would be happy to have Argyri on board and I also know that she will keep up the great work we saw from her’

Argyri has been with us since the 5th February, and during this short period she became an excellent brand ambassador for CEME, and a great team member we will miss very much

She has joined us after finishing her contract at The International Maritime Employers’ Council Ltd (IMEC), with the hope that she can develop her career at CEME.

Unexpectedly, one of the other roles she applied prior to accepting our offer at CEME came back to her in May, and offered her the position she originally desired to get. She felt that she had no choice but to accept and leave CEME.

‘It was not planned’ Argyri added ‘ But as soon as I heard that the job is open again, and they consider my application submitted back then; I knew I had to try. My desire to work for an international company was always there and however I had long-term plans at CEME, I know that I would be always regretting missing out on this opportunity. I know that my time here was not long, but I do feel I have became part of the team, and I will miss everyone very much’

Argyri will spend her next month in America for her induction, and we are very happy for her finding her dream role and wishing her all the best in the future.

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