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15 Minutes in The POD with…..Ellie Mullins

Ellie is a Digital Marketing Apprentice at CEME.  The campus is located in the London Borough of Havering, which is home to the Event Space including our state of the art auditorium (POD Theatre).

What is your background?

My name is Ellie Mullins. I am 17 years old and I am from Upminster.

Before I started at CEME I was at Hall Mead secondary school. I did work experience at a digital marketing company, volunteered for a hair salon and dance school as well as writing monthly articles for my local Bulletin.

Before I started at CEME I had an apprenticeship with a different company which didn’t work out so I had to look for another opportunity. In August I found CEME on the gov.uk website where I applied and later was invited to an interview. Since then I have been part of the CEME team.

What do you like the most about working at CEME as an Apprentice?

My favourite thing about working at CEME is that I am surrounded by positive and friendly colleagues and customers all which creates the warm CEME community feeling. I joined CEME when I was 16 years old with only little work experience, so beginning here was nerve racking yet exciting!

After more than a year working at CEME, do you feel yourself any different when you meet up with your friends who are similar to your age?

In regards to mind-set, I am doing something completely different to my friends as they are at school and I am/have been working since 16. However, when I am with my friends I go back to being an ordinary 17 year old girl as I can easily switch off from work.

Did you ever think about giving up and do something else?

Through-out my experience here at CEME I have never thought about starting something different. Here at CEME there are so many lovely customers and colleagues who have made me feel welcome from the very beginning, so working here has truly been such a fantastic start to my career and I have enjoyed every minute.

Did you face any difficulties during your Apprenticeship at CEME?

One of the challenges I have faced was having to host a “CeMEET” Event with my manager in the first couple of weeks. This was such an amazing start as it threw me right in the deep end having to network and introduce myself to customers and businesses in the local community. “CeMEET” is a growing networking event, taking place on the first Friday of every month, offered to the local business community. This is a chance for businesses to meet our customers as well as grow the professional network in the East London area.

Another challenge was adapting to the work environment coming straight from school with only little work experience, which comes with many learning many new responsibilities. Therefore I would say adapting was the most difficult part.

How has CEME changed you as a person?

Since working here I have developed many new skills and knowledge from my manager, Sebastian Coombs. Working here has really allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and develop my knowledge in marketing.

What is excites you about digital marketing right now?

I am excited about my position as marketing is so varied and there is so much more to learn. No day at CEME is the same and that makes it an enjoyable experience.

What do you do your fun?

For fun I enjoy meeting with my friends and spending time with my family.

What are your ambitions and long-term goals in your role at CEME?

My ambitions are to complete my current apprenticeship and then move on to my new role as a Trainee Marketing Assistant which will help me to learn more about the marketing world!

Would you recommend CEME to other apprentices?

Absolutely!  I would recommend CEME as I have learnt so much during my time here and I can’t think of anywhere better to start an Apprenticeship. I have met with so many lovely people and had amazing support from my colleagues.


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