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Importance of Food Tasting at CEME

Nigerian Jollof Rice

Food tends to be the driving force for successful event. Guests tend to remember private functions that offer good quality catering. Likewise, if the food is not up to standards then attendees will always associate your event with distasteful food. That is why, the quality of food can make or break a private function. Imagine getting every detail of your event executed to perfection however the food lets you down! This factor may potentially ruin the entire event. Food tasting plays an essential role when selecting a suitable caterer and it reduces the chances of being disappointed. Especially for functions such as weddings where you are highly invested.

Yes, food tasting can be a time-consuming process for both parties however it is equally insightful for the customer as the food presented by caterers act as a ‘silent salesman,’ which makes the final pitch and determines whether the deal is sealed or not. Furthermore, this is an opportunity for caterers to obtain rich qualitative data based on the feedback they receive from tasters.

Why is food tasting important for event?

  • To confirm whether the food tastes good

You may find a caterer with the most sensational dishes listed on their devised menu but never judge a book by its cover! Each caterer would provide you with a unique experience therefore food tasting enables you to select your preferred style of cuisine.

  • To narrow down options based on preferences

Private functions require immense amount of planning and decision-making which involves answering questions like: How much food do you need for each table? Which dishes are the most delicious? Which dishes to select from the high to low priced options? Tastings can help answer all these questions. In addition to this, you may want to prepare for each tasting with a rating system in place which would make it easier to narrow down options.

  • To gain an idea of how the food would be presented

Food presentation impacts how we perceive the quality of the food to be. If the food does not look appetizing then you and your attendees are less likely to try it. Food tasting would reduce the possibility of this occurring in your actual event! Furthermore, it is an opportunity for you to share presentation styles that you desire.

  • An opportunity to inform possible dietary restrictions guests may have and explore alternative dishes

The menu for your private function must exhibit your preferences of taste and cuisine however it is essential to consider your guest’s dietary requirements when making a final selection. For instance, some caterers are more accommodating towards vegetarian/vegan/gluten free consumers. Food tasting would provide you with an opportunity to discuss options in greater details so that you can come to a suitable agreement – bringing you closer to hosting a perfect event!

Benefits of in-house catering at Event Space CEME

  • Menu options

If you are unsure on where to begin when planning a menu, our chef and catering team can provide you with expert advice and guide you though different options available. On the other hand, if you want to personalize your private function then we are more than happy to include special customizations.

  • Coordination

Save yourself the hassle of organising a venue and caterer separately, we inclusively provide all facilities for your private event. In-house caterers like us have home-court advantage when it comes to executing on the day of the event – this is because we are familiar with all facilities, equipment, staff and general navigation around the kitchen which decreases the chances of anything going wrong!

  • Quality

Event Space at CEME is partnered with Grayson’s catering. We are dedicated to provide high-quality food and service for your private function. Additionally, we offer Authentic African & Caribbean and Indian cuisines for our clients.


If you have any inquiries regarding our catering options then why not give us a call? We like to maintain transparency with all our clients and recommend you to book a meeting for food tasting with one of the members from Event Space CEME team prior your event. 

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