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Artificial intelligence vs human touch within the events industry

Technology has changed the way many industries operate in the UK. However, this blog aims to discuss whether the use of artificial intelligence is as impactful as Human Touch is within the events industry. AI is generally associated with being cost-effective as you do not have to pay employee wages but unlike other sectors, events require in-depth information from their clients to organise a successful event. Businesses that apply the human touch indicate they work harder and are more authentic.

Positives of AI

  • Pros: Reduces human error, i.e. language barriers.

One of the latest AI features to impact the events management industry are chatbots to deliver customer service. Chatbots have been used in events like virtual gigs and trade fairs to answer any queries by attendees. These digital assistants communicate automated messages, reducing the probability of human errors occur, such as language barriers. Additionally, it enables event organisers to focus on event planning which increases time efficiency. You may have come across this feature on digital platforms where it is integrated on many websites.

  • Facial recognition for check-ins

Like many of our smartphones, events that use facial recognition to check in are often referred to as ‘smart events.’ This is because facial recognition allows attendees to check in with a reduced amount of waiting to events. Furthermore, facial recognition allows organisers to detect the mood of all attendees through their facial expressions which is a unique way to collect data.

Comparing the benefits of the Human Touch element to AI

  • Personification/personalisation era

In today’s day and age, consumers would prefer being greeted by a person who has the expertise and could offer more. Consumers want to feel valued and are drawn to businesses that display an empathetic style of communication to support their customers. Unlike chatbots, humans are capable of connecting with consumers on an emotional and technical level. Humans possess the ability to provide consumers with consistency on three major elements of customer satisfaction: customer-journey, emotional and communication. Furthermore, chatbots defy the chances of creating long-term relationships with consumers, it is found that relationship development between the two would increase customer satisfaction by 20%.  

After finding a local business online, how do you prefer to contact the business?

Reference: Bright Local (2019)

  • Efficiency > Hassle

Research suggests 57% of consumers prefer their queries being answered by a live customer service agent, rather than AI. This is because they feel that humans are faster at acknowledging a customer’s queries and providing a solution immediately than a machine, which makes a live agent more efficient at solving problems. This ultimately results in generating a positive customer experience and potentially retention. In addition to this, including AI tools such as a chatbot as your customer service system may seem like a viable option because it reduces the number of work employees has to do however statistics show that humans work at a faster speed. Humans possess the ability to communicate 125 – 175 words per minute but a chatbot can reduce this down to 40 words per minute. To drive high customer satisfaction, it is imperative to deliver high-quality service in the least time-consuming manner to avoid a discontented customer.

Virtual vs Reality events

Due to the pandemic, the events industry has witnessed an increase of live, virtual events however we believe that people would prefer attending real events despite all the positives coming from hosting events on virtual platforms. New technology is continuously changing within the events industry however it is difficult to replace the warmth and originality humans bring. Indeed, both have their pros and cons therefore a balance must be maintained and the most efficient way for the two to co-exist is if artificial Intelligence technology compliments services humans provide, not replace them. Together, they create a powerful force that ultimately strengthens the quality of service within the events industry!

CEME: A brand that has not lost its human touch

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