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The importance of effective AV for events

How effective AV usage can add value to events?

Electronic media such as AV is a fundamental component for successful events. AV heightens the quality of communication through visual and sound content. Previous research within communications and educational studies suggest that learning becomes easier for humans when they engage in activities using more senses. Furthermore, AV is an effective tool to grab audience’s attention and retaining it which ultimately reduces the chances of attendees losing interest or interpreting incorrect messages. The benefits of AV are:

  • Presentations are easier to follow
  • Increases engagement for attendees
  • Illustrates large amount of information and simplifies content
  • Enables the event organiser to create a particular type of ambiance for the event
  • Has proven to be effective in a classroom environment

Factors to consider when deciding an applicable AV set up for events

These three significant A’s highlight key aspects any organiser must consider when setting up AV for successful events!

Audience – What is the capacity of your event? Depending on how big or small the event is, you may require augmented audio systems, multiple microphones and screens.

Atmosphere – Is the event structured in a way which involves numerous parts?  Are you trying to communicate a certain mood or emotion? This could be transmitted by good use of lighting, for instance dark dusky lights would subliminally direct the audience’s attention towards content presented on the screen.

Accessibility – AV systems inevitably require fast speed Wi-Fi network to work efficiently therefore avoid picking a location which may hinder access to AV derived content.



The Event Space at CEME is a venue prominently used for training, meetings and exam purposes with various clients from the public sector.  We understand that event organisers from these backgrounds invest a great amount of effort into their events therefore we accommodate them with:

  • A range of AV equipment to meet event requirements
  • Experienced AV technicians on site
  • Free and high-speed WiFi connection

If your events require AV usage and you would like a venue that acknowledges the importance of including AV features in each room, then give one of the members from the Event Space team a call to book a show around so you can see what AV support we provide!

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