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Mission and Values

The Event Space at CEME is  part of CEME Ltd which is a not for profit company operating a world class education and business park in the London Thames Gateway. The following page describes its mission and values, vision and purpose.

Its vision is to be the catalyst at the heart of a technology corridor in the London Thames Gateway delivering growth in business and skills for the local economy. CEME’s mission is to deliver local skills and local jobs for local people within the Technology sector in London Thames Gateway.

CEME Vision

CEME’s vision is a thriving engineering, manufacturing, science and technology sector in the London Thames Gateway.

CEME delivers its vision through the promotion and delivery of science, engineering and manufacturing education, skills development, business growth and investment support via:

  • Schools programmes
  • 14 – 19 provision of learning and education
  • Empoyer apprenticeships, skills and training
  • Innovation Centre space and business support programmes
  • An industrial research institute
  • Networking and conference centre

CEME Purpose

CEME’s purpose is to provide an inspirational environment for learning and business growth.

As part of one of the largest regeneration projects in Europe it now boasts a park hosting a range of public and private organisations which deliver:

Business creation and growth

  • A technology start up innovation centre
  • Small business support and development
  • Commercial office accommodation
  • Commercial business training

Education and Skills

  • A specialist technology education centre for schools
  • Education in engineering and technology

Commercial services

  • Purpose built Conference Centre

CEME Values


CEME is passionate about first impressions. The impact and importance of the CEME environment in cultivating success for our customers is paramount to us. We try hard to be immaculate in the presentation of the CEME campus, our facilities and our staff at all times.

Exceeding Expectations

CEME aims to impress all of our customers with the service they receive from our staff. We will always try our best to be clear on what we promise to our customers and try even harder to exceed our customers’ expectations of that promise.

Positive Attitude

If you think you can, or you think you can’t – you are probably right. (Henry Ford)

At CEME we embrace enthusiasm, a can-do attitude, eagerness for improvement and constructive intent at all times. We strive to employ and work with optimistic colleagues, who use positive language and have a positive outlook.

CEME brings these organisations and activities together to deliver relevant skills for business to individuals of all ages. Increasing employment opportunities and assisting business growth, creating new jobs and economic prosperity in the region.

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