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CEME is an innovative urban regeneration project that supports the development of Companies, Organisations and Individuals in London and the Thames Gateway. We consider it of prime importance to support the environment with a commitment to sustainability, green technology and energy efficiency.

It is the policy of the Event Space at CEME to:

  • Pursue high standards of environmental control as an integral part of efficient business management.
  • Comply with all legislation and other requirements pertaining to the environmental aspects of the organisation.
  • Develop systems and procedures that deliver the highest standards of compliance, and in particular provide for:
    1. The prevention of polluting emissions to air, land or water
    2. The control of noise, dust, fumes or other nuisances impacting the environment or which may cause offence to the local community or environment
    3. Management of waste disposal including recycling and waste minimisation where appropriate
    4. Suitable arrangements for the selection, use, handling, storage and transport of articles and hazardous substances
    5. Adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to enable all environmental aspects of the company to be controlled by persons with the necessary competence
    6. Clear channels of communication for all matters pertaining to environmental management
    7. Promoting best practice environmental management to all customers, students, visitors, contractors and members of the public
  • Develop, review and implement clear environmental objectives including:
    1. Waste minimisation
    2. Recycling and waste management Energy Consumption
    3. Environmental audits & monitoring of performance
    4. The reduction of our Carbon footprint
    5. The purchase of supplies from sustainable sources
    6. Food recycling and safe disposal
  • Review, and if necessary, revise, this policy and the objectives on an annual basis.

The Chief Executive has overall responsibility for this policy but all persons who work within or come in contact with CEME during their normal activities have a responsibility to take reasonable care of his, or her activity with reference to the environmental aspects of the organisation.

The Head of Operations has responsibility for the implementation of this policy through heads of department, line managers and supervisory staff.

CEME will produce and update detailed organisational structures and responsibility charts in support of the implementation of this policy.

The co-operation and commitment of everyone is essential in order to establish, maintain and continually improve effective standards of environmental management.